VTT Webinar: How to shape future cities and prevent risks?

Are data, foresight and systems thinking the solution?

4 February 2020 at 4 pm EET

Key takeaways
Built environment, energy, water, transport, social issues, health, education and more are shaping the future city. All cities face these challenges.

  • How to turn scattered data into meaningful information for decisions?
  • How to combine data and models to enable diverse stakeholders to make decisions based on data?
  • How to assess impact and value of planned solutions?

It is easier said than done due to extreme complexity, ripple effects, partial optimization, fragmentation and lack of specialist skills. We can help you cut through the noise with the help of VTT CityTune® - an analytical approach to forecast future developments. 

The webinar explores how advanced machine-assisted decision making can help your city in:

  • foreseeing future impacts of your decisions
  • avoiding risks and managing uncertainties
  • carbon neutral energy solutions for cities
  • electric smart mobility in cities
  • Q&A.
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Webinar Host - Sami Kazi
Senior Principal Scientist, Research Team Leader in smart energy and built environment
Peter Ylén
Dr. Peter Ylén is a Principal Scientist and team leader of Smart City Impact Assessment team. He is the product owner of VTT CityTune® impact assessment tool.

Pekka Tuominen
Dr. Pekka Tuominen is a Senior Scientist specialized in energy and economics with a Smart City focus. He is the operating agent of IEA Annex 83 on Positive Energy Districts.
Mikko Pihlatie
Dr. Mikko Pihlatie is a Research Team Leader, Electrical Powertrains and Storage.
Among other projects, he is the coordinator of the Horizon 2020 project DRIVEMODE on modular electric powertrains.

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